Are You as Good the Truck Driver?

On my way to work this morning I was reminded that excellence is everywhere and that if we pay attention, we can find inspiration from anyone.

Taking my usual route to work I was confronted by the sight most drivers would dread…an 18 Wheel Truck attempting to back into an unforgiving lane adjacent to the business he was delivering to.  As I approached and saw the driver pull up into the “ready” position I thought, “This is going to take forever.  He’s probably going to need 4 or 5 attempts to get this right.”  Wrong.

With amazing precision, the driver backed the truck up with supreme confidence, effortlessly made the 90 degree turn, and parked his rig exactly where he wanted it.  To top it off, he did it virtually one-handed, with his left arm hanging out the window, as though he were parking a Smart Car.  One shot…less than 60 seconds…and I was on my way.

As I resumed driving I kept thinking, “I hope I’m THAT good at what I do today!”

We can either ignore the little things or see them; today I chose to see it and it reminded me that excellence is everywhere and that truck driver put me on notice that for the students and staff of School District 67,  I need to bring my ‘A’ game every single day!

3 thoughts on “Are You as Good the Truck Driver?

  1. Your post made me smile, Tom. I am an educator and my husband was a truck/bus driver. For all of our married life I have been amazed and awed by the skill that he brings to his work. Now my husband is working traffic control (a change after 30 years of professional driving). Once again, my husband brings to his occupation nothing but the best. His planning, set up of equipment, and actions need to be exceeding expectations at all times. Drivers’ lives depend upon it as does the life of his crew and his own life. Do I exceed expectations every working day? My average demonstration of ability is probably very good but some days . . . ???
    Just a reminder everyone, slow down in construction and work zones. Those folks have families they want to go home to at the end of the day. And . . . the fellow with the big smile might be my husband.

    • Thanks for your comments Denise. Skill and excellence are truly everywhere, regardless of title, income, or status. I think when we notice those things in life we really see people for who they are. I think we all have to be reminded that we need to great; that we need to come at everything we do with the mindset of excellence!

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