5 thoughts on “What “Rules” do you have?

  1. Outliers is a favourite read of mine too. One thing that I really like about teaching at a distributed learning school is that we can largely do without the same volume of rules that a bricks and mortar school typically has. Having said that, I will have to take a closer look at the rules we do have in place and see how they may be frustrating achievement.
    Thanks for pushing my thinking on this!

  2. Thanks for the comments Claire. I think it’s always good to reflect on the “rules” we put in place and ask what the underlying concern is…what produced the rule? Enacting rules without thought is something I think we have all been guilty of at least once…as a parent or a teacher. Sometimes we over regulate kids to a point where they can’t make a move. Thanks again!

  3. “Gladwell argues that the true story of success can found by spending more time looking around those who have succeeded – their family, where they were born, even their birth date.”

    We spent a lot of energy trying to predict the future and these conversations are very interesting. Exploring trends, personality traits, and generational influences, can be revealing.

    I feel one of the main points is that success is not always looking to those who have got public acclaim by some systemic process but an affirmation to all that learning helps all people.

    Remember the movie “Cider House Rules” where the migrant workers who could not read asked what the rules said that were posted on the wall? Sometimes we need to ask,”Whose rules are they and why?”

    Very good blog.

    • Thanks Jack. “Whose rules?” is a very good question. There is always an underlying concern whenever any rule is created…it’s what produced the rule in the first place. Some of our rules are about control and overregulation and have nothing to do with creating an optimum learning environments. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. Hey Tom, It’s Ross at Terry Fox Secondary..not exactly on topic with Outliers, but some interesting “rules” we’ve heard lately:

    1. It’s always best to be honest early (from my neighbor).

    2. Dress code from a principal in Florida, “if you can see up it, down it or through it…don’t wear it to school.”

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