Implement THAT! (Part 7) – Take YOU off the table

Sometimes those who bring the message of a new idea inadvertently make themselves yet another challenge or roadblock that the idea may face. This podcast focuses on two of the most common ways this happens and how we can avoid creating more challenges for us as we pursue new ideas that will make the leanring exerpeince for our students much improved.

Click HERE to listen to this podcast.

Thanks for listening!


5 thoughts on “Implement THAT! (Part 7) – Take YOU off the table

    • Thanks Maureen. I love the notion of making innovations go viral. Sometimes that takes longer than we’d like but regardless, I think that if any idea is going to have long-term sustainability it has to be brought forward with a respectful approach. Thanks for listening and thanks for taking the time to comment.


  1. Mr. Schimmer,

    I’d have to agree with you again. I can think of many times when the reason I decided something was a bad idea was because of the people involved with it. It’s true that some believe that they have the right notion in mind and nobody else is right, but as you said, discrediting them will get you nowhere. Thanks again for the great podcast!

    Samantha Wesson
    EDM 310

    • Hi Samantha,

      I must first apologize for not responding sooner. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Experience comes from poor judgement and through several “mistakes” I’ve learned that trying to always be the smartest person in the room results in alienation and isolation…we build team by supporting one another, being inclusive, and making sure that we aren’t creating “extra” issues. Implementation is tough enough without having to overcome other “stuff.”

      I love that the EDM 310 crew keeps coming back to my blog…Thanks!


  2. Hello Mr. Schimmer!
    You get two comments out of me in one day. I will be publishing my post about your blogs on my blog as soon as I publish this comment if you would like to take a look at it.
    I listened to this podcast twice so I could really pay attention to what you were saying, and I have to agree that sometimes I don’t like a new idea because of the way they are being brought forward. I don’t like pushy people, so if someone tries to push me to look at their new stuff, I tend to not care about it. I have to say my favorite part of your podcast was when you said, “telling people they are wrong doesn’t make you right.” I love this quote because my fiance and I always argue over who is right. I will argue with him until he proves me wrong or vice versa. Sometimes we come to find out we are both wrong, and that makes us feel like jerks. We thought we were right because we thought the other was wrong. I will most likely think about this quote the next time we start arguing over something.
    Thank you again for your wonderful podcast! Your blog is being added to my PLN (personal learning network) so I can follow your posts and find new things to think about in the future.

    Carly Willoughby

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