The Tom Schimmer Podcast

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce the launch of The Tom Schimmer Podcast! It’s a podcast about learning, leadership, and a little bit about life.

Primarily, it’s a podcast that focuses on current topics in K-12 education. Each week, I will lean on my 30 years of experience to keep listeners informed on the prevailing stories dominating the conversations about teaching and learning.

This podcast will also focus on leadership by exploring how leaders in any field can truly engineer a culture of continued professional growth.

Occasionally, this podcast will explore the pursuit of success and happiness as it relates to any walk of life. Through a mix of segments I hope you will be well-equipped to meet the needs of learners regardless of what role you serve.

Segments each week will be:

1. Don’t @ Me: I will open each podcast with my commentary or perspective on a wide array of educational topics.

2. The Interview: I will invite experts on to discuss what’s current in their areas of expertise. I also hope to interview expert practitioners who might not be educational household names but who, nonetheless, are leaving their mark on education.

3. Assessment Corner: As many of you know my primary area of expertise is in assessment and grading, so while the podcast itself will focus on a range of topics and issues, Assessment Corner will be a main-stay each week. This will be an opportunity for you, the listeners, to send in questions (either by email or voice recording) that could be directly embedded into the podcast) for which I will provide some practical answers and sound advice on how to move forward.

4. In the News: I will highlight a few educational news stories from the previous week that I thought were noteworthy; maybe offer some perspective or opinion on those stories as well.

5. Tweets of the Week: I will bring you the social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram that caught my attention.

The “Trailer” is now live on Podbean:

You can also listen/subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & Google.

You can also listen/subscribe on my YouTube channel:

Anyway, I hope you’ll check it out!

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