The Real World | Anthony Muhammad (Pt. 1) | Effective Feedback

In Don’t @ Me (2:05), Tom talks about why it’s time to retire the expression “Wait until they get into the Real World.” Tom is then joined by best-selling author Dr. Anthony Muhammad (15:32) for part 1 of their discussion about the racial equity work in society. In the News (44:21) includes stories about learning pods and the curriculum reviews taking place in many school districts. Assessment Corner (58:47) includes a question about “leveled questions” and Tom expands on last week’s conversation about feedback. Finally, in Tweets of the Week (1:10:33), Tom highlights the #ATAssessment Twitter chat and the four moderators: Katie White (@KatieWhite426), Mandy Stalets (@MandyStalets), Ken Mattingly (@kenmattingly), and Anisa Baker-Busby (@AnisaBusby). 


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