Keeping it Real | Nicole Dimich (Thrive Ed.) | Student Accountability

In Don’t @ Me (1:49), Tom asserts that now is the time for authentic, grounded optimism rather than toxic positivity; that tending to people’s emotional well-being is what’s needed. Then Tom is joined by Nicole Dimich (14:15), Executive Director of Thrive Ed., for their discussion about the work Thrive Ed. is doing to reimagine schools for the 21st century. In the News (55:52) includes a story out of Utah about a district offering a Covid-Bonus and a story about the inadvertent tension that can arise when students mimic their parents’ attitudes about Covid protocols. Assessment Corner (1:07:35) includes a question about Student Accountability. Finally, in Tweets of the Week (1:19:45), Tom highlights Brian Butler (@bkbutler_brian).
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