“Tom Schimmer’s personal experiences of impacting changes in grading practices that focus on accuracy and confidence have helped guide and shape our beliefs about assessment and grading.  He has provided clarity to a vision.  He has put words, phrases, and examples into our collective vocabulary. In his kind and gentle manner, he has offered down-to-earth, real-life, honest answers to implementation and leadership questions and has provided stability and structures to support change.”

Vicky Christenson, Director of Secondary Curriculum
Denton Independent School District (Denton, TX)

“Our district is in the process of transitioning to standards based grading and reporting.  Tom Schimmer spent two days working with both a large group comprised of various levels of school and district leadership and small school- based groups. In each situation he was able to connect with the audience and expand their current thinking around the standards-based grading mindset.  After his work with our district, teachers immediately began referencing what they had learned from him.  Tom is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, and easy to relate to.

Lisa Sepe, Intervention Specialist
Hartford Public Schools (Hartford, CT)

“Tom has worked with parents, teachers and principals in our school division, and the feedback resoundingly indicates that Tom makes assessment and grading research understandable. He connects leading assessment experts’ findings with effective teaching and student confidence, using poignant analogies, humour and candor to deliver essential messages about what it means to assess in ways that motivate and empower all learners.”

 Maureen Parker, Director of Curriculum
Battle River School Division (Camrose, Alberta)


“The Tom Schimmer conference was really helpful – quite possibly the best conference I’ve ever been to.  He is clear, direct, non-threatening, and convincing.  I believe he could help teachers see our new Assessment Agreements as something to benefit from rather than work around.”

Doug Loomer, Social Studies Teacher/HOD,
The Shanghai American School (Shanghai, China)


“I had the pleasure of attending sessions run by Tom Schimmer on two occasions.  He was an engaging presenter, speaking to the audience, not at the audience.  His use of anecdotes drew me in to the premises of his book Ten Things that Matter from Assessment to Grading.  I left both presentations contemplating my own pedagogical views and to me, that is one of the most powerful components of professional development.  I want to thank Tom for his humourous and thoughtful approach to answering my questions.  I hope to be able to see him again after our school implements our assessment policy.”

Charlene Clarke-Todoruk, English Dept. Head
WP Wagner High School (Edmonton, Alberta)


“Tom’s approach to reflecting on grading and assessment is effective and engaging. He is able to make an audience of 200 feel like a small group discussion.  Tom’s examples & practical approach to grading and assessment make it possible for teachers to choose a grading practice, to reflect on the practice, make a personal connection, and set goals in regards to their classroom and personal philosophy. My staff has extremely high expectations and different needs in regards to meaningful professional development. Tom was able to meet our needs.  Starting the discussion and implementing change can be quite a challenge. From Tom’s presentation, my teachers left inspired and wanting to begin the journey. I highly recommend Tom and I look forward to continued collaboration and guidance as we move through the process.”

Alyta Harrell, Principal
Beverly Hills Intermediate School (Houston, Texas)

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